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The Principal


The Lords of the Netherworld is a medieval fantasy film, in the spirit of the Lord of the Rings or Willow. Taking up the codes and rules of the hero fantasy genre, it combines drama, adventure, hate and humour in a medieval world highly imbued with magic.

The principal is that everyone plays a part in this “semi-professional” challenge; using their talents, qualities, capacities and interest in costume, medieval arts, mock ups, effects, make-up or cinema in general – professional or not – to create a film that can achieve an impressive level of quality by bringing together fans, enthusiasts and professionals.


A luminous dome rises above the rocky walls of the Lands of Ringston. Within it the dark past of the world fills with anger and rage


Rashalden, Lord of Darkness and the deposed embodiment of a fallen order that once ruled over the balance of the world, nourishes a hatred for the human race and is preparing to reconquer his lost kingdoms. The rumour of the sad Sire’s return is rumbling, from the plains of Ciampes to Sandhia, the elf city nestled in the roots of the forest…and  his former worshippers gathering around the dome.


Jarwin of the Kalmerils, Prince of Ringston, is still too young to understand the stakes involved with the games and plots being woven – his lack of concern  is equal only to his flippancy. And yet he will – unwillingly – get involved in the legend and discover that everything he ever believed in, including the existence of his own family, the Kalmerils, is but part of a gigantic ploy that could mean destruction and chaos across the world.


Strange visions…a Vampire queen come for vengeance…a vanished people…a heavy secret


The religion of the elves describes the nine other dimensions they say surround us…it is at the heart of our world that the wound was struck, but it is in the Netherworld that the Lords will face each other….


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the film be shot?

An initial estimate of the shooting time (purposely overestimated) brings the number of shooting days to 58, including interior and exterior shooting, spread across end-2008, 2009 and 2010. The aim is to shoot all interior scenes (except for one) in the winter, and all exterior scenes in the spring and summer. At the moment the film is 40% shot, and should reach 60-66% by the end of April 2010.

Where will the film be shot?

Most of the cast and crew are in the greater Paris region, which is where most of the interior scenes will be shot. Exterior scenes will be shot in Normandy, Brittany, Picardie, and even in England (basically, we will be traveling).

Shooting locations are in part determined simply by the availability and proximity of the cast and crew, and other groups that are collaborate with us. The specific characteristics of certain locations is also a criterion for their selection.

How can I participate?

By sending an e-mail to or filling out a registration form in the “on recherche” (we’re seeking) section, and making a specific request regarding what you’d like to do (technical help, graphics, FX, extra, actor, etc.) - there are still several roles waiting to be filled. Please attach photos.

Where can we see the film once it’s completed?

The film will be shown in certain theatres once released, and at festivals and conventions. It will be broadcast on cable channels that would like to do so, distributed via DVD and streamed on the Internet.